Monday, 18 August 2008

So long and thanks for all the fail

Well the 2007-2008 year was quite interesting, don't you think? We had nothing to match the chlorine gas leak - but they wouldn't dare pull a similar stunt so soon, then it's obvious they're trying to kill us all. However, BSF, general incompetence and modifications to the PD system made almost regular contributions to the overall epic fail of Temple Moor. All I'm here to say is - don't bother coming back (unless for laughs at "the good ol' days) and you can unsubscribe your RSS feeds.

When all's said and done - and it is - we had a pretty good run. For one thing, we didn't get shut down! We unveiled numerous obvious flaws with Temple Moor and these had very little effect, if any. We do like to think that some of our bitter rants got taken into consideration, but we are after all only a bunch of students, and the actual bunch of students with "power" (the School Council) never seem to get anything done, so we're on a par with official means, at least.

There will be no more posts on Templar Truths, not even when a major disaster strikes (as it inevitably will). However, all the posts currently on the site and in their current form will remain for as long as can host them. They shall be an archive of days gone by, for all to relive the pain and anguish of the blind leading the blindfolded. And of course, a record of the process of "building" a new school. Along with no new posts, there will also be no new comments - only members of the blog can do that, and we don't want to.

We hope you (pupils and teachers alike) enjoyed reading the 150-odd posts; we certainly enjoyed writing them, even if going through the school system felt like torture at times (literally, in the case of the infamous chlorine event).

Finally, remember this above all else: those in charge are rarely right about anything - and don't be afraid to tell them!

Templar Truths, perennial pain to the establishment, and immortal in its stance against stupidity, has been brought to you by The Three Rs.

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