Saturday, 7 June 2008

Spice of Life

Templar Truths has acquired this (exclusive) "e-flyer" for the upcoming variety show:
Classy stuff.

This year, the variety show is split up into three events: one for drama, one for dance and one for music. This, it must be said, is a great idea. Now you don't have to sit through amateur Shakespeares if all you want is a bit of Electric Umbrella. Similarly, if you don't like music, settle for an evening of energetic younglings leaping around the room.

It's running on consecutive nights (17th - 19th June) and tickets cost £3. Not a bad deal, really. Just think about it: TMHS Variety show has students trying to entertain and impress for £3, and then there's the recent Eurovision Song Contest which featured a bunch of pawns being used for international politics. Honestly, I know which I'd prefer.

We hope to offer reviews of the nights, but we can't guarantee it. If, on the other hand, you're definitely going to one of them, send us a review to No, please. All that inbox usually gets is offers from nice Nigerians.

Monday, 2 June 2008

Monthly Roundup

Not a great deal happened in May. Just an anniversary and the Year 11s leaving, only to return to do some tedious - yet vital - exams. Here's some stuff:
  • We have a forum! Or, more correctly, our affiliates/partners The 3 Rs have a forum. Because of Templar Truths content, it'll be strictly moderated. Especially when the teachers sign up! Very big link.
  • We've got a forum, don't you know? At - check it out!